• What exactly is iCloud syncing?
    When the Sync Events to iCloud setting is turned on, all of your Map Events are copied to Apple's' iCloud servers and will (almost magically) immediately appear when using Map Event on any other iOS device set up with the same Apple ID. All events, except for Mark My Car events, are synchronized between devices.
  • What is a One-Time event?
    A One-Time event is an event that will automatically be deleted or disabled, when the event triggers, based on the corresponding preference in the Settings screen. When creating or editing an event, you can turn the One-Time event setting to ON to make the event a One-Time event.
  • How does a Mark My Car event work?
    A Mark My Car event is a special, one-time event that pops up a device notification the next time the device comes close to the location. It is created by pressing the Mark My Car button on the Featured tab and is represented by a car in Map Event maps.
  • What is tracking?
    Tracking is a mode in which the center of the map displays your current location. This is most obvious when you are moving quickly as the tracking position, represented by a blue dot, stays in the center of the map while the location shown in the map changes. The tracking arrow at the top-left of the map is a button that can be tapped to toggle between No Tracking, Tracking (which has North at the top of the map) and Tracking with Heading (which shows the direction that you are pointed and moving at the top of the map.
  • Who gets notified when an event fires, and how?
    You can set up an event to notify all of the people you set up to be notified when the event fires. Map Event will automatically send email as long as you have enough messaging credits for sending the notifications.
  • How do I purchase messaging credits?
    The Get More button appears in the Messaging Credits section of the Settings screen to access the Apple store to be able to purchase messaging credits. Ads are hiddent when you have purchased messaging credits and you have one or more messaging credits.
  • Can I share credits with my family or friends?
    If the app is installed on multiple devices that share the same iCloud account, then the messaging credits are shared as well.
  • Why isn't my event firing?
    This may be due to a few reasons. First, make sure that the event is enabled by going to the My Events tab, finding the event, then making sure the switch for the event is set to On. An event may not fire if the radius of the event is too small or your device hasn't moved far enough across the border of the area to fire the event. In addition, an algorithm is applied to ensure events don't fire too frequently based on the type of event to be fired, the last time the event was fired, the device speed, direction and more.
  • What happens if I am driving on the border of the event area?
    Map Event applies an algorithm to ensure events don't fire too frequently based on the type of event to be fired, the last time the event was fired, the device speed, direction, and more. This results in firing of events as close to the desired times as possible.