What is Map Event?

Map Event is an iOS mapping app that uniquely ties together traditional maps and search results with personalized events using location, time, date, speed, altitude & distance. Map Event can be used to easily find where your car is, automatically alert your friends and family that you're on your way or got to your destination, your battery is low, and more!

Tap on an image to see screenshots, then go between them using right and left arrow keys.

Map Event is a great mapping app that not only knows where you are, but can:

  • show the address of where you are, your altitude, how fast you are moving and direction
  • find out when a business is open and see both Google and Yelp ratings and reviews
  • find out how far you are from any point (as-the-crow-flies or driving or walking distance and estimated travel time) even while moving.
  • share your location or any places of interest on Facebook or Twitter
  • send directions to your parents on where to pick you up in just seconds
  • show the map using the full screen of your iPhone
  • sync events between all of your iOS devices using iCloud

Map Event on your device can automatically:

  • remember where you parked your car
  • remind you that you forgot to plug your phone in when the battery gets low
  • email your spouse that you're on your way home
  • notify your roommate when you stopped at the grocery store
  • notify your blind date that you've arrived at the coffee shop

How did Map Event come about?

It all started a short time after my daughter was born. My wife wanted to know when I was on my way home from work. The need to get me to leave work evolved into just wanting to know when I was leaving for home. That's when I thought, “I Wish I Could have my iPhone notify her automatically when I leave work.” Over time, the concept evolved a bit to notify when entering or leaving school (or any location), get an email when I forgot to plug the phone in and the battery is running low and much more. In the process of building Map Event, I tried to build on my experience of making “painfully simple” software including making maps with very useful things that other maps just don't have such as the address of where you are or of the center of the map, how fast you are moving, the current altitude and how far you are from any point including search results as you are moving.